Sunday, April 17, 2016

What's New At Sew Inspired

We have the beautiful Mumseed Meadow collection by Rae Ritchie for Dear Stella in the shop! This fabric line captures the organic movement of lush prairies and secret woodlands, and takes you on a winding nature walk through the dancing trees, collecting bouquets and fallen leaves along the way.

ME + YOU have released a lovely collection of Ikat Wovens with Hoffman Fabrics in a range of indigo, black, cream and green. These wovens would be perfect for both quilts and clothing, and even bags! 

Jennifer Sampou has a new line of Studio Stash Yarn Dyes for Robert Kaufman. They have a lovely hand and give a great tone-on-tone texture to any quilt! We have several bolts of Yarn Dyes as well as pre-cuts (Ten-Square, 10" squares) in both the Warm and Cool story colorways.

The Mendocino collection was inspired Heather Ross's time in Northern California, and due to popular demand, Windham Fabrics has reprinted the entire line with a slight tweak and update to the colors. The beautiful collection is a favorite of sewists who love mermaids, seahorses and the sea.

Tula Pink has done it again! Her newest collection, Chipper for Free Spirit Fabrics, features adorable creatures like chipmunks and foxes, in rich hues of pinks, purples, greens, oranges and teals. The collection also has fun stripes and geometric prints.

Jen Kingwell has designed a beautiful line of fabrics for Moda called Behind the Scenes because every great production needs a supporting cast of background fabrics! Behind the Scenes features pindots, cross-hatch and geometric prints in taupe, gray, beige and brown that would make a perfect accompaniment for any collection.

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